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  Çağdaş Mermer Milano Granit


CAGDAS MARBLE was established in İstanbul in 1973. Since then it has operated in granite.compozite quartz and marble industry. With its 35 years’ experience, qualified and experienced personnel, it has successfully managed lots of projects. CAGDAS MARBLE makes considerable invesments in order to improve its technical capabilities and services.


Due to its success in its sector, CAGDAS MARBLE targeted to take place in granite sector and established MILANO GRANITE in 2003. In 2011, Cagdas Marble expanded the quartz business with SAMSUNG Radianz as a distributer of European Region of Turkey. One of the main goals of CAGDAS MARBLE is to combine the beauty with quality to serve architects, designers and decorators.

CAGDAS MARBLE and MILANO GRANITE aim to remain committed to offering its costumers better products better quality with lower prices.
As a result,with our well experienced and qualified personel, like in the past, in the future  we will keep our promises and provide you with best services that you deserve…



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